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Cold Obsession

It’s day six of the #writeandrun31 challenge. I’d planned to meet Carl after work, so I didn’t do my mile this morning. I was fine with that plan because this dark-thirty running in the freezing-ass cold is, um, challenging. So … Continue reading

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Compliments and Feel Good Moments

The good folks at #writeandrun31 offer daily writing prompts. I haven’t used any yet, not because I’m opposed to them, but because what I’ve been writing about so far is simply my attempts at getting outside and doing my miles. … Continue reading

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An Ice Cold Test

This is day four of my #writeandrun31 challenge. I really have no doubt that I can do the mile every day. Physically I can do that, and more I assume. The challenge for me is getting off my ass and … Continue reading

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Happy Trails

Today I went on a┬átrail run through the Rhett’s Run portion of the Cosmo Nature Trail at Cosmo Park, here in CoMo. That was my third trail run. The first one was a couple years ago (maybe?)… a five mile … Continue reading

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5:35 a.m.

I figured I can do a mile in (roughly) ten minutes, so I set my alarm for ten minutes earlier than normal. I had all my stuff laid out, so all I had to do was throw on some clothes … Continue reading

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2014 Columbia Eve Fest 5k; Other Musings; and #writeandrun31

OTHER MUSINGS I’ll start with other musings. I’ve been saying I want to do more writing. I don’t have anything in particular in mind, but I keep saying it, and I have this blog, so, you know….. Hey, it’s the … Continue reading

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Strength in Every Pose, Always Engaged: My Thoughts on Finishing the NYC Marathon

At the beginning of every yoga class, we’re asked to set our sankalpa, our intention, for the class. Every class, every time, as I was training for the New York City Marathon, this was mine: Strength in every pose, always … Continue reading

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