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Waddell & Reed 1/2 Marathon – Kansas City 10.17.09

Well, I did my fourth half yesterday. I call it 3 hours of quality alone time. Before the race start, this one, like most, was PACKED with people. It was dark and cold, but everyone was relatively happy, anxious, nervous, ready … Continue reading

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How to Stay Motivated to Run

Buy something new! I’m usually not that shallow (I think?) but one of the things I like about running is the clothes and the stuff. They make me feel good. I went to buy a headlamp (not sexy) for running … Continue reading

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Running Playlist #1

The Rolling Stones – Beast of BurdenNo Doubt – Hella GoodOk Go – Here It Goes Again No Doubt – Hey BabyGwen Stefani – Hollaback GirlJames Morrison – Nothing Ever Hurt Like YouMiley Cyrus – Party In the U.S.A. Nelly … Continue reading

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9.5 Mile Training Run

On Saturday I went on a 9.5 mile run and I think it’s fair to say it was NOT a good run. I think it’s fair to say I experienced a serious bout of muscle fatigue. That, combined with the bitching, … Continue reading

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Running Epiphany

Last Sunday I ran about 4 1/2 miles. Out in the middle of nowhere, but that’s a different subject. As we were running, my running partner, Carl, said something like the way I was running couldn’t possibly be good for my … Continue reading

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Flooded Trail

This is part of the trail I run on a lot…in fact, just ran there night before last. I took this picture last night from Scott Blvd. in Columbia, facing west. A total swamp from over 24 straight hours of … Continue reading

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Negative Anticipation

I sometimes, well, OK, most times, totally dread actually starting to run. I am trying to patiently wait until the day when I look forward to the run. I am not there yet. I am supposed to run a fairly … Continue reading

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Positive Writing Impacts Physical Well-Being

OK, I’ll give it a shot. I’ve been waiting for inspiration concerning what in the world this blog might actually be about. I blog on our adoption process, ( with the seemingly endless wait-time there’s nothing much really to say … Continue reading

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