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5 Weeks In: Progress, and We Are Stronger Than We Think

Time for an update! We began our training for the NYC marathon 5 weeks ago yesterday. Since then I’ve experienced issues with both ankles and my piriformis muscle (right butt muscle) and Carl has experienced a hip problem that sidelined … Continue reading

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That Time, When I Ran a 5k With a Cracked Rib

As it turns out…….¬†OMG. WTF. SMH. LOL. Yup, left 4th rib = cracked. FRACTURED. This I find out on the day I received my NYC Marathon training tech shirt. Rather than freaking the F out, I’m thinking I’m pretty BADASS … Continue reading

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Trust The Program

This past Saturday, we ran our second 20-miler in preparation for the Illinois marathon, which is now two and a half weeks away. I felt surprisingly good during the long run. It was windy and warm. Really windy. There were … Continue reading

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Is Something Chasing You?

A good friend said to me recently, “you’re running crazy miles. Do you know what drives you? Is something chasing you?” I smiled. Then I began to think about the question. When I remind my husband that “I’m running after … Continue reading

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Illinois Marathon – Two Months and Counting!

The Illinois Marathon is just under two months away, on April 27, 2013. This will be the 4th time I’ve been at this start line in Champaign-Urbana, IL. The first two times I did the half marathon. The third time … Continue reading

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