NYC Marathon Training Plan

NYC Marathon 18-Week Training Plan

NYC Marathon 18-Week Training Plan

It took us awhile but we’ve finally settled on this training plan. It’s a modified beginner plan from the Hansons Marathon Method, and uses a combo of speed (yellow), tempo (blue), easy (orange) and long (pink) runs. My X-Train is yoga. Carl’s is weights and strength training at the gym. The longest run in a Hansons marathon training plan is 16 miles – their strategy is based on this. But ours is modified to include two 20-milers toward the end of the training. We’ll feel better having logged those long runs. We’ll work our way up from 12 miles/week to 50 – the most I’ve ever ran in a week – at week 15. I expect to be a little grumpy, and not just a little hungry, by then. 🙂 We officially start July 1.

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2 Responses to NYC Marathon Training Plan

  1. kristamyer says:

    Hi Julie,

    I plan to do a post about it soon – hopefully during my taper week! Thanks for the note.


  2. Julie says:

    Can you share your results of using the Hanson’s modified plan after NYC, I’m considering using for Boston & the modified plan seems more where I would like to be.
    Thanks, Julie

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