Off We Go!

Cheers to starting. Can't finish if you don't start!

Cheers to starting. Can’t finish if you don’t start!

Our training was officially to start NEXT Monday. But last weekend, on an 8 mile run, I abruptly decided I was tired of waiting to start, so I declared, simply, that we had. It’s interesting, the shift, that the mind makes when you suddenly declare yourself “in training.” It makes you think differently about the food you eat, the different choices you make. I already feel like I’m on a path to the marathon. It won’t be my first marathon – far from it. New York will be my 5th (following 2 in Illinois, one in Memphis, and one in Kona). But it’s different. It’s freaking NEW YORK!

Saturday’s was a decent run, though I struggle (SO MUCH) in the heat and humidity of the Midwest. It will be the reality for the next few months, as will the schedule of running five days a week – Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday. Yesterday was my third day in a row running for the first time in a long time. My body is already wondering just what the hell is going on here! I’m going to try hard to stick to the schedule and to make life as easy on myself as possible, including packing the bags I will need for the week on Sundays.

Vrksasana with reverse Anjali. Give it up. Give it away. Open to Grace. Open heart.

Vrksasana with reverse Anjali. Give it up. Give it away. Open to Grace. Open heart.

There’s no question that yoga is making me stronger, both physically and mentally. It is a challenge every single Tuesday. I’ve been having fun incorporating some poses into the longer runs. Here’s Vrksasana with reverse Anjali. I got pretty far into the back bend, which I assume led to my prompt imbalance, and then fell into a heap on the ground. I think in the future I’ll stay firmly *planted* on the ground, instead of trying these things on top of fences. 🙂

It seems so far away right now – the race start, I mean. So much work has to get done in the meantime. It’s daunting. I can imagine it, but still, it won’t be what I’ve envisioned when it finally happens, as is the case with so much in life I suppose. I hope it’s greater than my mind will allow me to imagine. I can’t wait for the bling and the orange poncho and to see my friends at the finish line. I hope I train well. I hope I stay healthy and keep getting stronger. I hope, on difficult days, I remember that I am always happier when I’ve done the work. I look better and feel better. This is going to be really hard, but I’m ready for the challenge and I welcome your support and encouragement.

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2 Responses to Off We Go!

  1. trueindigo says:

    I am looking forward to following your training and perhaps we will see each other at the marathon.

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