Starting Again, Again…. Boston and NYC Coming Up!

I’ve been loosely training for Boston’s Run to Remember half marathon since February. It’s been fine, but I’m not as strong as I’d like to be. My routine is far from solid. But I’ll run the race and I’ll feel good about it. And it’s in Boston, after all, one of my favorite places to be. Seventeen Days, and counting.


Loose tracking of progress toward Boston’s Run to Remember Half Marathon

Between now and then, I’m going to go through a New Leaf Metabolic Assessment with a clinical exercise physiologist here in Columbia. This test will determine my VO2 max, my maximum heart rate, and the level at which I *can* and *should* be training, among other things training-related. I’m starting to finally get my head around the fact that I’m running the NYC Marathon again this year – on November 6, and I really want to be ready. And I know I can be. I just have to work, work, work. My running partner and I have a *very* ambitious training plan for that race, which you can see here: NYC Marathon Training Plan 2016 . Our kick off date for that will be July 4 – 18 weeks out. But we’re already hitting the pavement pretty often, and for some decent distances. The 2014 NYC Marathon tested us, both physically and mentally. You can read about that experience here.

If you’re interested – I mean, c’mon, you’ve read this much – hop on over to my NYC Marathon Team for Kids fundraising page and make a tax-deductible donation. I’m half way to my fundraising goal of $2,620!

Thanks for your friendship and all means of support. It is much appreciated!


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