And Speaking of Goals, Abandoned and New…

One of the things about running is that when you slack off, and get out of shape, like I have, you have all kinds of new goals when you DO get your ass back in gear! It’s all about perspective. For example, I ran the Charleston Challenge Mid-Winter Classic 5k this past weekend at 37:40. Not my best. I am running another 5k – the Shamrox Ultramax one – on March 13, and my new goal is to beat that time. I’m back in a race with myself, which is where anyone should really ever be.

I updated my race history, thanks to my step mom, and realized neither of us had my time for last year’s Boston’s Run to Remember, so I looked it up. 2:33:52. That’s another new goal – to beat that time this year, in 110 days, when I do that half marathon again.

The TriZou Triathlon is a goal that I’ve abandoned, at least for this year. I can swim, at least to save myself, and I can run. But I am more interested in getting my strong back than in learning how to ride a bike on a busy street. Just not my thing. I will stick to the trails.

Here’s me at the finish line at the 2015 Boston’s Run to Remember. What a course! Can’t wait to see it again.


Yup. Clarity. And focus. I am *so* down with this picture. And I love the HellzYeah! goin on right behind me… Runners have fun. And we are damned determined. BOOM.


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