New Year, Abandoned Goals, New Goals, Whatever…

My physical therapist calls me the “hot mess express.” That is a long way from NYC Marathon finisher more than a year ago. Long story short, I slacked off on the running, stopped going to yoga, and greatly increased my chances of feeling well, shitty. I’ve also been through what I’ll just call a helluva transition in my work life, and didn’t realize the toll it’s taken. Shit happens. I’m getting my groove back.

Physical therapy has helped in the upper back pain (i.e. agony) I’ve been experiencing for months. I’m capitalizing on that by going to a kickboxing circuit twice per week. And I have a plan in place to get me into shape to finish the Boston’s Run to Remember Half Marathon on May 29.

I’ve been jump-started by four things:

  1. I am tired of the back pain. And it’s occurred to me, more than once, that it’s probably been screaming at me because I haven’t been maintaining my strength. So, enough. Kickboxing to the rescue of my core muscles.
  2. I have a half marathon to do in exactly 122 days.
  3. My running partner said he’s hoping for me to get us back into a regular running schedule. So, I’m going to do that.
  4. I recently visited my step-mom and was reminded that she keeps track of all my races, and she needs to add some more to the list. Yes!

I joined a gym that’s very close to my work at the beginning of January, and didn’t go a single time! Not once. Really?! So – that goal died a quick death. Ah well, I’ve got others. No need to dwell.

Deana's List

Happy 2016. Onward.

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