Central Park in Winter and Other Musings

Two weeks ago, I treated myself to a birthday run through Central Park. I’d been looking forward to it, and even though I’d had one too many celebratory, happy-birthday-to-me drinks that weekend, I headed out. Central Park in winter, is, well…. ugly. I know, you were expecting me to wax poetic about the beauty of Central Park, its iconic nature, its bridges and ponds, etc. All that is true. It is beautiful in its own right, its history is riveting, it’s iconic, the bridges and ponds all combine to make just *being* in Central Park an event in and of itself. And I wanted to do a run there, in anticipation of finishing the NYC marathon there in November. But, well, it was ugly.

Central Park in Winter

Central Park in Winter

The trees were bare, the ground brown and hard, matching the color of the rocks, all blending together into a big urban, winter-weary patch of land that seemed to just be laying in wait. As we all are, I assume, anxious for the green to return. I’d forgotten my watch in my bag back in the hotel, so I’m not sure how far I ran that day. I always get lost in Central Park, and end up

At the Balto Statue in Central Park

At the Balto Statue in Central Park

running in circles, but with the run up and back Park Ave and inside the park, I think I managed between 4 and 5 miles that day. Winter-weary as we all are, and as the iconic Central Park seemed that day, it was wonderful to be back there, in the park inside borough inside the city I love so.

Training-wise (the run through Central Park was more of a fun run), I’ve been hanging in there. The Illinois half is 5 weeks from yesterday, and I’m up to 10 miles, which I did yesterday, with not just a little effort. It wasn’t the easiest 10 miles I’ve ever done, but I got through it. I’m feeling pretty good. It’s been nearly 3 full months since I broke my rib. I never stopped moving, started running again in mid-February, and have averaged about 15 miles/week for the past 5 weeks. And my commitment to my weekly advanced yoga class helped pop me up into a handstand last week. Bam! That was fun, and it takes strength, which I am gaining. I’m not worried about being ready for Illinois, and once I get to that finish line, all the focus will be on NYC.

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