A Fantastically Dramatic Fall

Getting hit by a car isn’t in the training plan. We’ve established that. Splatting onto the ground in a free-fall Superman pattern isn’t in the training plan, either, but I found a way to work it in. At least I got it over early in the training.

Fall spectacularly, face first, into the icy ground. Check.

So here’s what happened: At nearly the end (mile 6.9 or so) of our 7 mile run on Saturday, I hit a very large, very visible patch of ice on the trail near the Boonville trail head, and body slammed chest first into the ground. Yes, I saw it (!) and still bit it. It happened so quickly that I had absolutely no chance of saving myself from the fall. Carl had gone ahead of me, around to the left of the icy patch, and I filed in behind him, thinking about how smart I was to pay attention to the ground!


I felt my feet giving way, heard myself scream, and next I knew, I was sprawled out on the ice, face first, arms splayed wide above my head (Superman pose), screaming Don’t TOUCH ME! to Carl. His instinct was to try to help me. It is the last thing I wanted at the moment, fearing anything either of us did might make things worse. This was at the end of what I would say was one of the worst runs I’ve had in awhile. I felt awful the WHOLE 7 miles (sluggish, heavy, tired, etc., etc., blah blah blah). Who knew I was about to feel so much worse!?

I couldn’t and didn’t move for about a minute. I was so scared that I’d broken something. It was an extraordinary freakout. I was panic-yelling at Carl, trying to breathe, trying to assess what, if any, damage I’d done to myself, trying to roll over, trying to check my pride and not morph into a snotty-faced, sobbing heap of goo. I *think* it came from a place of strength – I was trying to take back control that I’d just lost in such a lavish display. But it all came out in such a way that I must’ve seemed like a possessed monster.

In the end, after a couple days of reflection (and a lot of ibuprofen), I believe that the relatively decent shape I’m in (despite the bad run – hey, we all have ’em) probably prevented the fall from wreaking even more havoc on my body.

Stuff still hurts. I may have bruised a rib or two, but I’m pretty confident nothing is broken. I’m supposed to do a New Year’s Eve 5k. Yeah, we’ll see how that goes.

That fabulous (elusive?) Staten Island start line…..Sigh.

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2 Responses to A Fantastically Dramatic Fall

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  2. Carl Greeson says:

    Good one.

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