Boston Marathon Volunteer 2014 – Denied

On December 9, 2013, I applied to volunteer at the 2014 Boston Marathon. I do crazy things. I didn’t think I would get accepted, and I was correct. But I really wanted to try.

I received a “thank you for your interest” reply and was informed that my confirmation number was 2391. It also noted that assignments are based on volunteer history (with the Boston Marathon), which, of course, I have none. Duh.

This week, I received my rejection letter. Thank you very much… outpouring of support…turning away thousands of interested potential volunteers. And again, “volunteer assignments are made based on B.A.A. (Boston Athletic Association) volunteer history.”

I will never run Boston. I know that. But it’s just hit me that the Boston Marathon is so elusive, so elite, that I will likely not ever be chosen to even VOLUNTEER. I love the Boston Marathon, and I will always support it — this year by participating in the Boston Marathon World Run — but I will likely always be excluded from it.

I pledged to run 150 miles for the Boston Marathon World Run — essentially I’m dedicating all my training miles (and some $$) up to the Illinois half I’m doing at the end of April to this project. The money goes the the One Fund, dedicated to supporting victims of last year’s marathon bombings. The fund has raised over $70 million dollars to date.

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