Two Weeks (Almost?) of Rest

I was going to say that yesterday marked two full weeks of rest after my rib injury. But then I remembered the NYE 5k badassery/stupidity. Oh yeah. So two FULL weeks isn’t until Tuesday, but I’ve been a really good patient – resting as much as possible, taking anti-inflammatories (as infrequently as possible), soaking in the hot tub (lucky to have that option), no walking, no yoga (mainly because I couldn’t put weight on my arms and upper body), and most importantly, no running. But I admit, I’m losing my patience already.

The doc said no running for two MONTHS. We shall see. Today I walked 5 miles and felt pretty good for not having moved much in the past, well, 11 days. I am anxious to get back into a manageable exercise routine, and there is SO much work to do.

Walking after rib injury 1.12.14

My ambitious plan, when I’m able to execute it, will include the following:

Yoga – I’m going to do private yoga sessions with a former instructor of mine named Megan Sappington. She is a great yoga teacher, smart and strong, and I think she will be able to push me beyond what I think are my limits. Check her out. I’ll try to supplement her instruction with a weekly yoga class at the gym and some yoga work at home. Honestly I don’t know that I can start until at least mid-February. That whole putting weight on my arms thing is a real problem.

Strength training – I’m going to work again with my trainer from Optimus Health (Dan) who I worked with before the 2013 Illinois Marathon and again as I recovered from my hip injury in advance of the 2013 Detroit Half Marathon. I’ll begin that when we begin the NYC Marathon training in earnest in June.

And of course, running. A regular running schedule is so important. Until we start our hard core NYC marathon training, I’ll want to run regularly and prepare for the 2014 Illinois Half Marathon, scheduled for Saturday, April 26. Carl is doing the full marathon, but I chose to stick to the half this time around. As his mileage increases this early spring, I will hold back and focus on my shorter runs.

My plan also includes watching what I eat and drink. No hard liquor, much less wine, less cheese, no dessert, etc. etc.

I am not at my best, there is no doubt. And given how I feel at the moment, I’m guessing I won’t be running in earnest for at least another couple of weeks. No matter, it all requires discipline. I’m going to give it my best shot. Starting now.

Pic: Happy to have a trail system in Columbia….today we found a new walk/run/bike bridge on the Hinkson Creek Trail connecting Stephens Lake Park with Capen Park.

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