Charleston Challenge Mid-Winter Classic 5k/10k 2.1.14

This is the fourth year in a row that we’ve done the Charleston Mid-Winter Classic in early February.

Hosted by Charleston Parks and Rec, this race is held in my undergrad college town, Charleston, Il. (The 5k course goes past my mom’s house!) They do a great job organizing the three races (5, 10, and 15k) and they’re no strangers to inclement weather! The first year we ran this race we awoke to 5 inches of freshly fallen snow. This is a rain or shine race, so it was on, as it was yesterday morning, with a driving rain and a chilly 37 degrees.

YUCK! But I was determined. This is the first run I’ve done (even one step) since the New Year’s Eve 5k I did three days after cracking my rib in a nasty fall on ice. That fall was five weeks ago yesterday.

I was registered for the 10k, which I’ve done the past three years, but given my condition and that I hadn’t run in so many weeks, I switched to the 5k. Carl did the 10k as always. I’m glad I switched, and I was ready to be done, but I’m happy with my 34 minutes. Carl did great in his 10k, coming in at 1:01.

Runners turn out for these races, in all kinds of weather. It’s really cool. I overheard one runner say “it’s just a little sprinkle.” It most certainly was not just a little sprinkle! But there’s something about this race now….it certainly lives up to its name…The Charleston Challenge: You never know, shorts or snow!


Carl finishing the soggy 10k race in 1:01:29.


At the finish … A respectable 34:49 for my 5k after weeks of being sidelined.

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