That Time, When I Ran a 5k With a Cracked Rib

As it turns out……. OMG. WTF. SMH. LOL. Yup, left 4th rib = cracked. FRACTURED. This I find out on the day I received my NYC Marathon training tech shirt.

Rather than freaking the F out, I’m thinking I’m pretty BADASS for running a 5k with a CRACKED RIB. What?!?! Take THAT you stupid inner voice. At my worst running moments from here on, I will remember my 32 minute finish of the 2013 NYE 5k.

I just wasn’t getting much better, so I decided to see the doc and get an X-Ray. Glad I did. Now I know.

The worst part was hearing “no running for 2 months.” I’m sure that’s not going to work for me. I will monitor how I’m feeling, and certainly take it easy for some time. Two months is a long damn time for runners.

DAMN. Dammit.

I can find alternative forms of exercise: swimming, walking briskly, yoga. The issue is that not running for that long basically will put me back at square one in terms of training. Well, maybe not square one. Maybe square 5 or 10. But still. This really isn’t how I wanted to start the new year. 2014. Our year of the ultimate marathon.

It happened. Now I move forward. The new tech shirt will be there when I’m ready.

training shirt

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