Priority #1: Make it to the start line.

I hate running in the dark. However, these days, if it’s not the weekend, we’re likely running when I get home from work, in the dark. We run from my house, a nice little 3.5 mile route around my neighborhood. Some spots are darker than others. I should say right now that were it not for Carl wearing all the right gear, reflectors, headlamp, etc., I would blend right in with the night sky and no one would ever see me. I am totally disorganized and can’t seem to get my winter running shit together. I’ll also say that I’ve bitched more than once at Carl for running in what I thought was too far into the street, when I’m so afraid that drivers may simply not see us, much as we want them to, or no matter how much reflective gear he has on. Turns out I’m a bit of paranoid night running freak. But tonight we met with a bit of a rogue car that seemed to be coming straight toward us. Carl actually jumped into the grass. We were running appropriately, toward traffic, but we probably shouldn’t have been in the street to begin with. We run right after work, everyone is trying to get home, some of the streets are very dark, and the traffic is pretty high volume. So we’re going to try a new route. Thanks for the title of this post, Carl. 🙂 Getting hit by a car isn’t in the training plan. A major goal really is to make it to that fabulous Staten Island start line.

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