Running in Missouri in July is Like Standing in a Boiling Pot of Soup.

Someone from one of the local weather stations said that this past week — it’s been so hot here in Mid-MO during the month of July that it’s “like standing in a boiling pot of soup.”


And accurate, I think, though I’ve never actually stood in a boiling pot of soup. But I like the description. If you haven’t experienced 94 or 95 *actual* degrees, with a dew point of 75 and a “feels like” temperature of 109, well, I just can’t even…. there is no way for you to understand. “Boiling pot of soup” maybe gets close.

It’s been a very, very fine line for me between working enough at the gym and on the trails, and working too much. My tendency is to work too hard for my current abilities, and then set myself back by a day, two days, or a week.


At the end of a run: Forum Nature Area at the MKT

But I’m working, y’all. I’m working. And I feel like I’m on a good path. It’s just over three months away from the NYC Marathon.

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