NYE 2012 5k: Columbia’s First Night

Always a fun little run, Columbia’s First Night 5k to wrap up 2012 was cold and wet. It had been snowing all day, hovering around that 32 degree mark, but by the start gun the temperature had climbed a few degrees and it was raining. There’s nothing quite as bone-numbing as ice cold rain. Ick.

This was Colin’s first official race and he did great… 3rd in his age group at 27:32, with Carl right on his tail at 27:33. Of course, Carl won his age group. 🙂 I came in 9th in my age group at 32:24. Bev and Christine walked it – Christine’s first. I hope she doesn’t think they all suck that bad weather-wise. I’ve been running for a solid 4 years now. Cheers to 2013!

At Cycle Extreme before the 2012 First Night 5k

At Cycle Extreme before the 2012 First Night 5k

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