Where Did 2012 Go?!

I’ve been feeling sort of blue the past few weeks when it comes to running because well, I haven’t been running very consistently, and I’ve been eating my weight in crap food since Halloween. And then it was the Christmas holiday season, so more crap eating, traveling, etc. Ugh!

So, to try and inspire myself, I’m back to keep blogging about my running experiences. My last post was in February of this year, and now it’s December 27! Ha! Ok then….

Since that Charleston Mid-Winter Classic 10k last February, which I just signed up for again (!), I honestly can’t even say with complete accuracy, how many races I’ve done. I was really happy to be documenting them all, and then I just lost the motivation to write, I guess. So this post is going to serve as a catch up, and then I’ll be more diligent. No, really.

  • In April I did the Rock the Parkway half marathon in Kansas City.
  • Also in April I did the Illinois marathon – my first!
  • In May I did the Big Lake half marathon in Alton, NH with my Kennedy School classmate and friend Marilee Nihan.
  • In June I did the Kona marathon. As in KONA. HAWAII. This was my second marathon, and nearly my last! UGH. Brutal heat and ugly race course. Never again.
  • In August I did the Tom Short Memorial 5k run in Shelbyville, IL
  • In September I did the Roots-n-Blues-n-BBQ half marathon in Columbia. This was my second best half time at 2:25.
  • In November I did the Tulsa Route 66 half marathon with Carl, Carrie and Chad. That was Chad’s first half and he rocked it, coming in at 1:58. I PRd at 2:22. Carrie came in at 2:12 and Carl at 2:08. GREAT race weekend and a quick, fun road trip down to Tulsa over the weekend (Nov. 17-18).
  • I also did the Turkey Trax 5k on Thanksgiving morning.
  • Annnd… I did the Memphis St. Jude’s marathon December 1. That was my third marathon and the third time for us in Memphis. What an AMAZING experience.

All of this, of course, was accompanied by lots and lots of training runs. Every week, and nearly every weekend. And when I say “I” I generally mean Carl and me. ๐Ÿ™‚ We mostly run around here, or at least in Missouri, but this year (and last) I’ve also been able to run through the crowded streets of Boston, which I love, and this year I even got to run through Central Park in NYC! What a treat, and I can’t wait to do that again. Here’s a selfie I took on that run. ๐Ÿ™‚

On a run through Central Park in NYC feeling empowered with my NYPD hat on

On a run through Central Park in NYC feeling empowered with my NYPD hat on

It’s been a pretty good running year for me. Looking forward to running healthily in 2013. Onward.

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