Positive Writing Impacts Physical Well-Being

OK, I’ll give it a shot. I’ve been waiting for inspiration concerning what in the world this blog might actually be about. I blog on our adoption process, (http://myeradoption.blogspot.com/)
but with the seemingly endless wait-time there’s nothing much really to say at this point. The inspiration for a blog came originally from a conference I attended in Washington D.C. back in July called Social Media for Government. I’ve posted just one time, and that was that. Riveting.

So today my friend Carl sent me an interesting link to a story about a study done at MU dealing with the idea that simply writing about positive experiences can carry over into boosting a person’s physical well-being: http://www.rodale.com/positive-writing-and-health. We had a pretty good run last night (rare, recently) and he suggested we should email each other after runs like that. That, and the fact that he called me “an athlete in training,” made me think this blog could be used for something along those lines. I’m not sure about that label yet, but I’ll let it be for now.

This blog’s title came from my experience meeting Nell at the 2009 Chicago Rock-n-Roll half marathon. Her art became the official artwork of the race and is what’s at the top right of this blog. I bought that poster and she signed it for me. She’s an elite runner who took time to talk to me and give me advice on how to get faster. She signed it “Try to Fly….” The image at the top left is that poster. The image at the top right is at race start in downtown Chicago.

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