Social Media Conference in Washington DC

I started an adoption blog a long time ago, when I thought our adoption of a Chinese infant girl would be a speedier process than it has been. Since then, I’ve updated that blog periodically. But, I’ve often thought that I’d love to have another blog…about stuff. About nothing. About everything. I’ve always wanted to write, but all the excuses always got in my way. The other blog has really just become a log of milestone events in our years-long adoption process. This one I hope to use to amuse any of you who care what I might be thinking at the moment. Maybe it will evolve. Maybe it won’t.

So, I’m at this Social Media conference in Washington DC. If it does nothing else, it will have at least spurred me into action to create this blog and begin to write on it. As I write, I am skipping the “group exercise” that is on the schedule right after lunch. As social as I am, I despise those types of things. So, rather than be a grump at the table, I bailed. In terms of social media, to quote John Legend, “the future started yesterday, and [I’m] already late.”

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