How to Stay Motivated to Run

Buy something new! I’m usually not that shallow (I think?) but one of the things I like about running is the clothes and the stuff. They make me feel good.

I went to buy a headlamp (not sexy) for running in the dark. Got a FUEL LED headlamp from Princeton Tec (4-mode, water resistent, distance of 35 feet).  I also wandered over to the women’s clearance apparel section. I found a very cool, Insport cool weather Kinetix hoodie with reflector stripes on the back for half price. It has a zippered pocket on the inside of the left sleeve and holes for my thumbs so I feel particularly hip when wearing it. I also found Champion semi-fit capri style pants – I will wear these until I absolutely have to wear warmer pants. They are nothing special. No pockets or little nooks for holding things. But they were cheap and a size smaller than I’m used to. Hello!! Sweet.

I had a pretty good short run last night (3.7 miles). I’m not dreading the half on Saturday.

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