Cold Obsession

I managed to catch the sunset before I turned around.

I managed to catch the sunset before I turned around.

It’s day six of the #writeandrun31 challenge. I’d planned to meet Carl after work, so I didn’t do my mile this morning. I was fine with that plan because this dark-thirty running in the freezing-ass cold is, um, challenging. So I reverted to my usual routine of taking all my stuff to work, changing in my office at the end of the work day, and heading north. Carl’s plans changed mid-day, so I ran 3.25 solo miles from the Scott entrance of the MKT trail. It got dark on me before I got back. (Note to self: that’s dumb. You have a headlamp. Use it.) It was 24 degrees and felt like 17. Truly, it isn’t as bad as it sounds after about the first quarter mile. I’m not sure why I’m obsessed with the weather these days — it’s January, it’s cold. Not earth-shattering. I suppose it’s because it’s *so* cold and I’ve decided to do this challenge *now*. Gah. I assume I’d be equally obsessed with the heat and humidity if I’d started this thing in mid-July. But I also assume, as I sit here in my pajamas on my couch, that while I will get up in the morning at dark-thirty, I will hit the treadmill instead of the road because the temps are going to plummet overnight to include dangerous wind chills and gusts in the 30 m.p.h. range in the a.m.

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