Illinois Marathon & Half Marathon 4.30.11

The Illinois Marathon weekend was April 29-30, 2011. Here’s a shot of my pre-race ritual spread…LOL.

Carl got a PR in his third marathon (second time at Illinois), coming in at 5:11:59. He said he’s claiming 5:11. Damn straight!

CG approx 50 yards from finish line!
CG Before…

Was able to see Rachel and Ellen Eckert (Rachel ran the 1/2 too!). Had well-deserved beers after the race with them, Craig and Karen. Carl wasn’t exactly thrilled with me that I asked him to WALK to the bar after having just finished a marathon. Gah! He made it to a bar stool and firmly planted himself there. As did I.
Love this pic with the Eckert ladies!

Rachel, me, Ellen after the race at Houlihans

Finish was at the U of I stadium
My Garmin said I went 13.2 miles…and I heard at the finish that lots of people were banking a longer route than 13.1. No worries…. great course, great fans! Weather was better than last year, although quite windy. My time was WAAAAY better than last year, and I visited exactly ZERO porta-potties this time around. Great race weekend. 2:33:58. 
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