Charleston Challenge Mid-Winter Classic 2.5.11

I did a respectable 10k last weekend in Charleston, IL. The race organizers (Charleston Parks and Rec) did a pretty amazing job given the conditions. We awoke to 5 inches of freshly fallen snow! The race was advertised as rain, snow or shine, so we knew the race was ON no matter what, as long as we could make it to the start line. Carl’s time was 1:05. Mine was 1:13. We’ll likely do this one again.

Carl came back to finish the race with me. Much appreciated!

There was a 5k, 10k and 15k held that morning, starting 15 minutes apart. These pictures were taken in town, but much of the 10k and 15k courses were in the country. Country roads were not plowed very well, and this was a hard run for me. But once I got over the fact that a PR was out of the question, I actually enjoyed the run. It was absolutely beautiful being outside, on snow-covered country roads, in a place near where I grew up and in the same town that I attended college, and in which my mom currently lives.

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