ING 2011 NYC Marathon Lottery

I completely lost my sensibilities yesterday and applied for the NYC Marathon lottery for next year’s race. I successfully registered and applied. I took an extra step and completed a “scavenger hunt” item for a chance to be one of 50 selected today…. One of the things I could do was take a picture of myself eating a Power Bar and upload it to Marathon Monday Mania’s Facebook page. Hilarious. I did it. Here’s the pic.

They posted the first 20 winners from this group this morning on I was not selected. Then they posted all 50 winners on their Facebook page. I was not selected. Sigh. Oh well….funny picture anyway. I hate Power Bars!

BTW, Carl wasn’t selected this way either, but we’re both in the general lottery. Winners will not be determined until late April, 2011.

Visit the race website here!

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